Registration to Skarverennet 2017

Registration for the competition class open on November 28 at 10:00.

Register here!

Note: Be sure to refresh the web page when clock turns 10.00 AM in case you do not see the registration form!

Depending on transportation needs, registration will last for four days. 

Registration for the TRIM class:

October 10th 10.00:
Train from Oslo, Drammen, Åmot, Hønefoss, Nesbyen or Gol to Haugastøl or Finse.
Train from Bergen, Arna or Voss to Finse.

October 11th 10.00:
Train from Gol, Ål, Geilo, Ustaoset and Haugastøl to Finse (Trim).

October 12th 10.00:
Train from Geilo and Ustaoset til Haugastøl, or buss from Ål to Haugastøl (Trim).

October 13th 10.00:
Those without transportation needs.