Race instruction

The date for SKARVERENNET 2018is April 21th.

Registration for the trim class is in October 2017.
Registration for the racing class is in November 2017.

You can only park at designated parking spots. Illegally parked cars will be towed at owner’s expense. There are no parking opportunities at Ustaoset or Haugastøl. Private buses and cars must pick up participants at Geilo.

Bib number
Bib number should be placed on the chest for participants in the racing class. The bib number is your train and bus ticket, and should therefore be placed clearly visible.
In order to keep track of all the racers, it is mandatory to wear the chip. In order to be registered, you have to finish at Ustaoset.  You are responsible for following the groomed track. Skarverennet is not responsible for the safety of those who choose not to follow the groomed tracks.

Transfering bib numbers
Those who wish to sell their start numbers to others must update this information in the registration system. This is due to security reasons. We have to keep track of those participating in the race.

Racing class: if you are not registered under your own name, you will be disqualified and you are not covered by our insurance.

Participants in the racing class taking over a start number from the opposite gender must contact Skarverennet and pay a 200 kroner fee.

Start time
The racing classes:
Youth girls (15 years old in 2018) and women start at 11.30.
Youth boys (15 years old in 2018) and men start approximately at 11.45.
It is not allowed to skate during the first 200 meters. Refusal to follow the starter’s orders will lead to disqualification.

Timing of the race ends at 17.00 and the finish area at Ustaoset close at 18.00. The race office closes at 18.30.

The trim class
Participants in the trim class can start directly upon arrival at Finse. Racers who start before 06.57 and after 11.45 will however not be considered as participants of Skarverennet.

The trim class from Haugastøl starts between 08.30 and 12.30.

The ski course
The course from Finse to Ustaoset is 37 km, and the cource from Haugastøl to Ustaoset is 25 km.
From Finse, there are two separated groomed tracks. The track on the left side is reserved for the racing class. This is a 5 meter wide track groomed for skating. This track is marked konkurranse. In order to register your split times, you must follow this track. The racing class from Finse is freestyle.

The track on the right hand side is reserved for the trim class. It is groomed for both skating and classic style. It is marked Trim.

From Haugastøl, there are groomed for skating and classic tracks to Hellevatn. From Hellevatn the course interconnect with the course from Finse.

The course will be groomed on race day. If needed, the classic tracks will be groomed during the race. Please be aware of this. The first 4 km from Finsevann is quite steep so take caution in order not to start out to hard. In order to avoid accidents be careful in all the descents so you do not disturb the racing class, which starts later in the day.

Approximately 500 meters before the finish line, the racing class will be guided onto a track on the right hand side. The organizer reserves the right to announce one winner in each class.

In good weather, Skarverennet is a great experience. During severe weather, it can however be a challenging experience. If you think you cannot handle the weather upon arrival at Finse you might consider returning with the train at 11.50.
At all drinking stations, there will be first aid service and radio connection. The Red Cross patrols the course. Snow mobiles will at all times follow the last participants on the course.
Make sure to report your start number at the first drinking station if you, for whatever reason, cannot finish the race. Do not leave the ski tracks, Skarverennet cannot be held responsible for your safety if you stray from the race tracks. Keep the bib number on during transportation off the mountain.

Medical service
There is a doctor service at Finse from 07.00, located at Finse Red Cross. There is also a doctor at Ustasoset, located at the Red Cross near HelseEkspressen, from 09.00

A license to the Norwegian Ski Federation is included in the start fee for the trim class. This license is an accident insurance covering you during the race. Participants in the racing classes who are not covered by a full year license must pay a one-time license additionally to the start fee.

More information concerning insurance can be found at www.skarverennet.no, under the link “Informasjon” and Forsikring. The participants are responsible for their own cancellation insurance, as well as insurance for lost or damaged equipment.

Due to security reasons, everyone has to carry a backpack. It shall contain warm and windproof clothes. Remember to bring sun glasses, sun screen, food and drinks. This is necessary to ensure your own safety. In the mountains, you are responsible.

Participants in the racing class without a backpack will be disqualified.

Drinking stations
There will be served MAXIM energy drinks and water at all three drinking stations and in the finish area. The last drinking station at Raggemyran also serves Red Bull energy drink and closes at 17:00.

Please note that the racing class will be served drinks in the left track, located in front of each drinking stations.

There will be guides all along the course. They are carrying a SWIX-banner and wearing SWIX clothing. The guides can help you with skiwax, sun screen, blisters etc.
SWIX has waxing service in the start area at both Finse and Haugastøl, as well as at the drinking stations. It is possible to borrow poles at the start area, 800 meters after the start at Finse and at all drinking stations. Borrowed poles must be returned to SWIX at the finish.

Unofficial results will be posted at a board near the secretary at Ustaoset.
Official results can be found at: www.skarverennet.no

In the racing class the top ¼ (25%) which is registered at 16. April will be awarded.
A prize ceremony for the top three in each class as well as sprint prizes will take place at Ustaoset at approximately 14.00.
The prize for the best boy and girl in the 15-16 year class will be awarded at approximately 14.00.
The rest of the prizes can be collected in the secretary at Ustaoset between 14.00 and 17.00 race day or Sunday at Geilohallen 10.00 – 15.00.

There are three sprint prizes, and they are marked 100 meters before the line.
The Finse sprint: At the top of the hill after Finsevannet, approx. 2,8  km after the start.
The Folarskar sprint: 21,4 km after the start and approx.1 km after the second drink station (at Hellevatn).
The Ustaoset sprint: 29,9 km after the start and 3 km after the last drink station at Raggemyran.
In order to have your sprints and splits registered, you have to follow the race track on the left hand side. 

10- 20- 25- 30 years plaques: Contact the secretary at Ustaoset or Geilohallen.

In order to return your baggage, place them at designated areas at Finse station no later than 11.00. The bag must be visibly marked with the baggage tag you have received. Mark it with start number, name and phone number. Pick up the baggage at Ustaoset station, immediately after the finish and no later than 19.00. Leftover baggage will be transferred to Geilohallen. We assume no responsibility for the luggage, and it is not covered by our insurance.

Lost and found
All lost and found from the finish area can be picked up at Geilohallen after 10.00, Sunday April 23st. Unclaimed articles will be handed over to Fretex 14 days after the race.

On race day, showers are available at Geilo Samfunnshus from 10.00 - 18.30.

Dogs and sleds/pulkas are not allowed on the race course.
Children turning 10 years old in 2017 can participate in the trim class.
Youth turning 15 years old in 2017 can participate in the race class.
Registration is binding and no part of the start fee will be refunded.

Race Jury:
TD: Jorunn Nymo                     
Assistant TD:  Kenneth Holth  
Race leader: Jan Henning Waldal
Race doctor:  Helge Enerstvedt                          

Cancelation due to severe weather
Skarverennet is arranged by the organization committee, but it is the security group that decides whether the race should be canceled due to weather conditions. The security group consists of the Police in Hol and Voss, together with the security leader of Skarverennet.

Respect the nature
Skarverennet is arranged in a vulnerable mountain area. Do not leave any trash behind. Bring it with you or dispose of it in the bins at drinking stations. Norsk Gjenvinning ensures environmentally friendly disposal of the garbage.

Race office

Geilohallen - opening hours:
- Thursday April 19st, 15:00 – 22:00
- Friday April 20nd, 10:00 – 23:00
- Saturday April 21rd, 05:30 – 7:00
- Sunday April 22rd, 10:00 – 15:00

Finse train station – Opening hours
- Friday April 20nd, 17:00 - 21:00
- Saturday April 21rd, 06:30 – 12:00

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